Theatre Frisco invites you to spend a grand night with Rodgers and Hammerstein

Behind the songs and scenes of Theatre Frisco’s “A Grand Night for Singing” with Director Kris “KA” Allen.

Theatre Frisco "A Grand Night for Singing"
Theatre Frisco’s “A Grand Night for Singing – Courtesy of Theatre Frisco/Andi Allen

One of the memorable pleasures of growing up in the late 1970s and early ’80s was listening to K-tel records. K-tel became synonymous with compilation records and built a reputation on giving consumers more bang for their buck by producing greatest hits records centered around different themes. It’s in that same artistic style that Theatre Frisco is bringing fans “A Grand Night for Singing,” a musical revue showcasing some of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s greatest hits.

“You get a little bit of ‘Sound of Music,’ you get a little bit of ‘The King and I,’ you get a little bit of ‘South Pacific’…all of these classics are in the same show,” Kris “KA” Allen, director of the Theatre Frisco production, said.

“A Grand Night for Singing” is a musical revue that presents some famous and lesser-known songs from numerous Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. A musical revue differs from a musical in that it focuses its energies on the music rather than telling a complex story. In “A Grand Night for Singing,” Theatre Frisco treats audiences to 30 songs spanning Rodgers and Hammerstein’s illustrious career. KA said that he wanted audiences “to walk away and take the genius of Rodgers and Hammerstein with them” after seeing the show.

“A Grand Night for Singing” marks the first production under new Theatre Frisco Artistic Director Andi Allen, who replaced Neale Whitmore, who retired in December 2023. It also marks the first collaboration between KA and musical director M. Shane Hurst. The face-to-face meeting between the directors happened at the first audition. KA praised Hurst’s knowledge and expertise and highlighted their complementary strengths as one of the reasons why the production went smoothly. “He has such knowledge and several degrees in music,” KA said of Hurst.

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KA attributes the key to the show’s success to his “stacked cast” of “seasoned professionals,” which made rehearsals a joy and helped everything come together quickly. The show stars Theatre Frisco alumni Kelly Holmes and Theatre Frisco newcomers Elyse Allen, Grant Palmore, Phoebe Adams, and Levi Skoog. “The rehearsals were smooth. I mean, they just pick up the music so quickly,” KA said of the cast. “When you get professionals, it works that way,”

Upon arrival, theatergoers can expect to see Frisco Discovery Center’s Black Box Theater transformed into an attic as the setting for the show. KA said that “it’s been a challenge to try to keep movement throughout the piece.” He chose the inspiration of an attic and the items located in it as a means to tie the diverse set of songs together into a loose story.

He stated that the attic was meant to symbolize creativity and dreams, much like his favorite medley from the show featuring “Impossible” from “Cinderella.” He said that he wanted people to appreciate not only the genius of Rodgers and Hammerstein but also the beauty of the songs and what they have to say about the power of dreams.

“It’s all about dreaming and creativity and what could be versus what is,” KA said. “So, can you take the lemons in your life…and can you turn it into a dream, even when it is impossible.”

The Theatre Frisco production of “A Grand Night for Singing” runs from now till March 3. For more information about the show, including how to purchase tickets, visit

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