McKinney Repertory Theatre is hosting auditions for “A Christmas Carol” this October

Learn more about McKinney Repertory Theatre’s upcoming auditions for its annual production of “A Christmas Carol.”

McKinney Repertory Theatre "A Christmas Carol"
An ad for the annual production of “A Christmas Carol” – Courtesy of McKinney Repertory Theatre

‘Tis the season for auditions at the McKinney Repertory Theatre as it prepares to host auditions for its upcoming production of “A Christmas Carol.” The show, based on the timeless Charles Dickens story, is set to run from November 24 through December 9 at the McKinney Performing Arts Center (MPAC) this holiday season.

The theater plans to host auditions for the show from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on October 15 and 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on October 16 at the MPAC. For more information about the show, including how to schedule an audition time, refer to McKinney Repertory Theatre’s press release below:


McKinney Repertory Theatre (MRT) is excited to announce auditions for their upcoming
production of “A Christmas Carol” on October 15 – 16, 2023. Auditions are open to all and will be
at McKinney Performing Arts Center from 3 – 6 p.m. on Sunday, 10/15, and 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. on
Monday, 10/16.

Each season more people are discovering this timeless story, in a way that only MRT can tell,
with families coming back every year making it a part of their holiday season tradition. The
miserly Ebenezer Scrooge is taught the true meaning and spirit of Christmas by ghosts who
show him his own past and present. He is also shown what the future holds for him if he doesn’t
change his ways. This year will mark MRT’s 17th year producing Dr. Andrew Harris’ one-hour adaptation of “A Christmas Carol”. McKinney Repertory Theatre (MRT) is a 98% volunteer, nonprofit, community theatre. MRT is McKinney’s Official Community Theatre and is a resident company at McKinney Performing Arts Center in historic, downtown McKinney.


Total of 6 shows (2 weekends):

Friday, November 24th at 1:30pm & 4:30pm

Saturday, November 25th at 11am, 1:30pm, & 4:30pm

Friday, December 8th at 7:30pm

Saturday, December 9th at 11am, 1:30pm & 4:30pm

● Please note that opening weekend (Nov. 24th & 25th) shows run in conjunction with
McKinney’s Home for the Holidays festival and all showtimes are designed to allow
audiences to participate in the festival events as well.

LOCATION: McKinney Performing Arts Center – 111 N. Tennessee Street – McKinney, TX


Available Male Roles:

● Charles Dickens – (30s-40s) Beard desired. Narrator and a bit of a chameleon.
● Mr. Fezziwig – (40s-60) Former boss of young Scrooge who is happy and joyous.
● Bob Cratchit – (30s-50s) Father of the family and employee of Scrooge.
● Old Joe – (30s-60s) Fence for stolen merchandise. ● Businessman #1-#4 – (30s-60s) London businessman as part of the mercantile exchange.
● Charitable Gent #1-#2 – (30s-60s) Respectable businessmen, looking for donations.
● Beggar – (30s-60s) Homeless person on the streets of London.
● Fred – (20s-30s) Scrooge’s nephew. A Romantic, Mild tempered man.
● Jack – (20s-30s) Friend of Fred and party guest.
● Ted – (20s-30s) Friend of Fred and party guest.
● Topper – (20s-30s) Friend of Fred and party guest.
● Young Scrooge – (20s-30s) Scrooge in younger days, before his back is
turned on the world.
● Dick Wilkens – (20s-30s) A friend and coworker of young Scrooge.
● Peter Cratchit – (Middle School Age) The quietest of the Cratchit Family.
● Ned Cratchit – (Elem School age) Twin to Sally.
● Boy Scrooge – (Elem School age) Finds books more comforting than
Father’s dwelling.
● Turkey Boy – (Elem School age) Boy that Scrooge contracts to buy the
prize turkey.
● Tiny Tim – (Elem School age) The youngest, feeblest Cratchit.
● “Want” – (Elem School age) Waif representing the imagery of “want” to Scrooge.

Available Female Roles:

● Mrs. Fezziwig – (30s-50s) Wife of Mr. Fezziwig.
● Mrs. Cratchit – (30s-50s) Wife of Bob and mother to the family and Tiny Tim.
● Mrs. Dilber – (30s-50s) Cockney. Comedic. A maid in Scrooge’s service.
● Mrs. Filcher – (30s-50s) Cockney. Comedic. A maid in Scrooge’s service.
● Belle – (20s-30s) Tragically in love with Young Scrooge.
● Martha Cratchit – (20s-30s) The eldest of the Cratchit family who works.
● Mary – (16-25) Friend of Fred and party guest.
● Beth – (16-25) Friend of Fred and party guest.
● Meg – (16-25) Friend of Fred and party guest.
● Belinda Cratchit (16-20) Middle daughter of the Cratchit family.
● Little Fan – (Elem School age) Scrooge’s sister. She loves her brother.
● Undertaker’s Daughter – (Elem School age) A girl who sells the
candlesticks to Old Joe.
● Sally Cratchit – (Elem School age) Twin to Ned.
● “Ignorance” – (Elem School age) Waif representing imagery of “ignorance” to Scrooge.

Singing Carolers:
May audition to be a Caroler only or in addition to an acting role. Please prepare 16 bars of a holiday song.
Various Extras of All Ages:
Carolers, party guests, friends of Fred, Business Partners, Pall Bearers


Sunday, October 15th, 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Tuesday, August 15th, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

We are committed to diverse casting and all roles are open to characters of all backgrounds. All roles are volunteer only and are not paid.

Please email to schedule an audition time. Walk-ins will be accepted if you don’t have an appointment but want to audition. Headshot/Resume preferred, but not required.

Singing Carolers: Please prepare 16 bars of a holiday song.


For those unable to attend auditions but interested in participating in the show, alternative arrangements can be made by emailing and submitting a video audition (2-minute melodramatic or comedic monologue). All video auditions must be received by: Monday, October 16, 2023, by 5:00 pm.


First Rehearsal/Read Through: October 22nd from 2-5 pm.
Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays, 6:30pm – 9:30pm
LOAD IN: Saturday, Nov. 18th, 9:00am – 1:00pm
SET BUILD: Sunday, Nov. 19th, 1:00pm – 6pm
TECH WK REHEARSALS: Nov. 20-22, 6:30pm – 10:30pm
DRESS REHEARSAL: Nov. 22, 6:30pm 10:30pm
PICK-UP REHEARSAL: Dec. 7, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

*Please do not audition if you have a conflict with tech week or performance dates.
Note: All actors will be asked to help participate in the setup/strike of the set during the
run of the show.


Total of 9 shows.
NOTE: Each Performance is one hour long.

Friday, November 24th at 1:30pm & 4:30pm
Saturday, November 25th at 11am, 1:30pm & 4:30pm
Friday, December 8th at 7:30pm
Saturday, December 9th at 11am, 1:30pm & 4:30pm

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