3 Nations Brewing talks initial plans for upcoming location in former Anna police building

3 Nations Brewing Managing Partner John Royer talks the upcoming Anna taphouse

The upcoming new location for the award-winning 3 Nations Brewing in Anna should be arresting to say the least. The Carrollton-based brewery received approval from the Anna City Council to convert the building formerly used by the city’s police and financial departments into a brewery, according to the Anna Melissa Tribune.

3 Nations Brewing Managing Partner John Royer recently detailed some of the expected steps in the upcoming renovation process for that space and what thirsty Anna and Collin County residents can expect from the community-centric brewing company’s newest location.

“We want people to look at us and go, ‘Man, that’s the kind of place I want to hang out,’ so it’s just using what resources are available to us on that location,” Royer said.

That means undertaking a construction process scheduled to bring in a number of elements which have helped make 3 Nations Brewing a local favorite in Carrollton while still finding creative ways to use such a unique space.

“There’s a lot to this, it’s more than just clearing up the space,” Royer said explaining that demolition of portions of the building interior would hopefully begin in December with subsequent renovations beginning in January.

Those expected renovations include adding entertainment components like sound systems and TV equipment on top of converting the building into a space which can handle brewing equipment like coolers.

Additionally, Royer cited converting the exterior of the building to look more like an exciting and inviting brewery as perhaps the company’s biggest renovation challenge. All in all, 3 Nations Brewing hopes to have the new location ready to open in June 2023.

Notable portions of the original building which Royer plans to retain through the intensive construction process are the safes located inside. The company plans to convert the longer of the safes into a restroom while the central safe becomes a small private event room that Royer hopes could hold around 8-10 people.

Beyond decisions on the physical structure, Royer hopes to receive input from the local Anna community to inform later planned decisions on events and activities at the new location.

Royer described how 3 Nations Brewing has become a renowned local institution in Carrollton’s downtown area. The Carrollton taproom has become a popular spot for drinks, with small batch brews crafted on Fridays, as well as entertainment events like concerts, weekly bingo and trivia nights which can swell to 80 different teams.

“We would like to offer the same kind of thing for the (Anna) community, but we also just need to judge our community there and see what they want to do,” Royer said.

While the Anna location is physically smaller than that “home base” for 3 Nations Brewing, Royer said the company still wants to build that same kind of communal feel.

Royer stresses community participation as key to 3 Nations Brewing’s success, attributing opportunities like the support they received from the city of Anna to the company’s history of community building. He cites his experiences in European pubs and beer halls as inspiration for the kind of communal experience he hopes 3 Nation Brewing creates.

“We want people to come out and feel comfortable and to have fun,” Royer said.


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